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"Wesak provides an opportunity to come together in peace and harmony to raise the consciousness of the planet through meditation and prayer."

Wesak Festival - Celebrating the Enlightenment of the Buddha - not being held in 2016 as the facilitators will be spreading Universal Prayers on the Camino Pilgrimage trail in Spain.

Held annually around the time of the Taurean Full Moon (April, May, June)

Why attend a Wesak Festival?

Meeting in a spiritual and/or sacred way near to the Holy time of Wesak benefits the individual on their spiritual path and aids the healing and progress of Mother Earth.

Held on the full moon in the sign of Taurus, it is a world-wide spiritual event to celebrate Buddha's Birth and Enlightenment. It is called Wesak after the Himalayan Valley in Tibet where the physical ceremony takes place.

Wesak is the time when humanity receives the highest frequency of Light and is the most important of the three major Ascended Master festivals.

The new and full moon periods are always times of increased communication with other dimensions. Wesak marks an intense period of Spiritual evaluation in all dimensions. This evaluation sets humanity's vibrational destiny for the next twelve-month cycle.

As legend has it, Buddha, "The Illumination of Light," returns to Earth to bless it and the Planetary Christ, Ascended Master Lord Maitreya "The Embodiment of Love," transmits this blessing for the benefit of humanity and the Earth. It is a time for a renewal of Spirit as the Office of the Christ and the Office of the Buddha work in concert for the vibrational upliftment of humanity.

During the meditation to the Wesak Valley as part of this celebration you may hear or sense the intoning of a great mantra used only at this time of year. This mantra sets up such a powerful vibration, that it reaches up from Earth directly to Spirit. This mantra is supposedly an interdimensional vibratory link that can connect all the Living Light bodies from Earth to God.

One of the aims of Wesak is to send forth to Mother/Father God as much consciously gathered and focused Christed Love we can muster. At the same time a massive down pouring of Divine Intelligence and Understanding will envelop the Earth.

Everyone attending the ceremony will be filled with a sense of renewed strength to undertake another year of personal spiritual development and world service.

From the perspective of the Ascended Masters, it is the single greatest event on our planet, one that has the greatest effect on the human race.

We invite you to attend this special day of celebration, which is a powerful and incredibly charged unique event. Guardians of the Earth will be present as well as various Ascended Masters, Melchizedek, Metatron, Mahatma, and Cosmic Beings of Light. It is a potent time where Divine Light is more easily received, integrated and transformed into wisdom.

Within the presence of the Cosmic and Spiritual Hierarchy :

  • Any obstacle can be released.
  • Acceleration and clarity is enhanced.
  • Connection with your Soul, soul family and Monad is heightened.
  • Significant healing can take place.



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