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"Inner silence promotes clarity of mind; it makes us value the inner world; it trains us to go inside to the source of peace and inspiration when we are faced with problems and challenges.

Deepak Chopra

Transforming Relationships
(Using Your Higher Mind to Manifest Change)

A Dynamic Practical Workshop to Improve Relationships

Would you like to be able to resolve conflicts and change the way you interact with others by using an effective non-confrontational practice?

Several workshops are available every year.

Next Workshop in 2016 to be advised

Click here to view the Transforming Relationships Outline(.pdf)

Why use your higher mind to improve your relationships?

Within your higher mind you can create a special sanctuary to be a haven away from the stress of modern day living. Because it is established in your personal realm of conscious creativity, it is available for your use 24 hours a day - any place, any time. It is an easily accessible space you can go to whenever you need some clarity, chill out time or healing.

You do not have to confront the person you need to 'speak' with in a physical sense. This makes the process far more effective - you can stay in control of your emotions and concentrate on delivering the message without feeling uncomfortable or threatened. It creates the space for positive change on both sides. Whether or not the other person is willing to change however, remains their decision to make and not yours.

During the three hour workshop, you will not only learn to set up your sanctuary but to use it productively. You will be taught how to access your sanctuary and practise the appropriate exercises to:

  • resolve relationship conflicts
  • repair past and current disagreements
  • forgive yourself and others to release your burdens
  • improve your communication with partner, family, friends and colleagues
  • better understand another person's point of view
  • help you move on from unhealthy relationships
  • identify blockages and activate self-healing
  • manifest positive changes in your life
  • meet with your spiritual teachers including guardian angels, guides and Ascended Masters
  • support spiritual expansion including ascension work
About the workshop

We developed this workshop after identifying that many people were struggling with their relationships. Some had difficulty with their own inner relationship - constant self-criticizing, low self-esteem and a disconnection from their spiritual centre of wisdom, whilst others lived in conflict with those around them - feeling overwhelmed, guilty and unhappy.

We noticed people had the motivation to make changes but often lacked the courage and the required skills to effect those positive changes.

Our first workshop was attended by more than twenty participants from all walks of life, both males and females and beginners through to more advanced spiritual seekers with ages ranging from 18-70 years. We like to run the workshops with smaller numbers now so everyone receives individual attention and assistance where required.

Feedback from the participants highlighted the need to lengthen the duration of the workshop from two to three hours to include more practice to be able to better utilise the tools.

Some testimonials written by satisfied attendees:

"An informative session with an emphasis on practical application. I'll be using what I've learnt with my family and in my business."

"Lindsey and Lisa have shared with us today a phenomenal toolbox to take with us on our spiritual journey. I became more aware again of my emerging true self."

"I really appreciate the openness and willingness to share such powerful techniques to heal and understand things at a higher level."

"I got such a lot out of the workshop. I could't believe it could be so easy to fix some real problems in my life."

Lisa and Lindsey are fun to listen to and very inspiring."

"I found Lisa and Lindsey fabulous and knowledgeable and they explained the content in an easy to understand manner."

"I found the exercise on how to communicate soul to soul very beneficial."

"I liked that we were given plenty of opportunity to practise the exercises so I can remember them."

"A good introduction to considering past and present relationships and how to improve them even more."

"Lisa and Lindsey provided an important exercise to help with conflict resolution. I enjoyed the session immensely."



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