11 Principles

Be one with the Universe.

“I am in tune with the sound of creation.”


Be the star that you are

“I am allowing my talents to shine through.”



Rise above the ordinary

“I am free from life's struggles.”



Consciously transform yourself

“I now take control of my life.”




Live the amazing life you deserve

“I have chosen to release my past.”



Open your heart to the truth

“I feel the one-ness within me.”




“For the man who forsakes all desires and abandons all pride of possession and of self reaches the goal of peace supreme.”
The Bhagavad Gita


Spiritual Development

A Fast Track for Soul Advancement

Next Workshop - Introduction July 2016 TBC

Duration - 2 hours: Fee - $49

Spiritual Development Program

11 Principles Pty Ltd is proud to offer an amazing eight-module program designed especially for those seeking to achieve great spiritual advancement in this lifetime.

Offered for the first time in 2014, this experientially-based program based on years of channelled information and the teachings of Joshua David Stone PhD (founder of the I AM UNIVERSITY in California USA), explores the main components of the seven-level spiritual ascension process.

Why choose to do the program with us?

  • Lisa and Lindsey have both done, and continue to do, a great deal of advanced spiritual training over a range of modalities. They know the determination and commitment required to undertake this conscious life choice.
  • We have experienced the ups and downs, understand the pitfalls, know the proven shortcuts and continue to practise the techniques we teach.
  • We have taught spiritual development and ascension work to clients face-to-face for more than 10 years and have seen the most amazing transformations that can occur when someone commits to their spiritual path.
  • You can learn about enhancing spiritual awareness and the process of ascension by reading books/internet information, but actually undertaking the task can be very difficult on your own.
  • Without spiritual guidance, appropriate coping tools, support, encouragement, energetic feedback, identification and removal of blockages and barriers, staying motivated and embracing the physical, emotional and mental changes without going into a state of fear is near impossible.
  • We recognise that you need to progress at your own pace; some will complete levels of ascension quickly and others will need a longer period of time. Our program is flexible so you can enrol for the next module when you feel ready.
  • We provide a money back guarantee for any unattended modules. If you cannot attend for reasons of sickness or accident etc, you can book to attend a later session or receive a refund for that module.

Click to view the program TIMETABLE for 2016 (.pdf)

What is Ascension?
Ascension, according to the MacQuarie Dictionary, is defined as the process of climbing or rising. In metaphysical terms, this climb relates to the process of raising our consciousness and vibration to specified levels. A person does not need to be in perfect health to be on the ascension path or for the soul to ascend. 

Spiritual ascension may also be called self-realisation, soul-realisation, Nirvana, actualisation, transcendence, enlightenment, Moksa, Mukti or Gnaman. 

What are the personal benefits?
The ultimate benefit is freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth, known as reincarnation. It is easier to relate to the benefits by viewing each of the seven stages of ascension separately.

Click here to request your free copy of the Seven Levels of Initiation Leading to Spiritual Ascension.

What are the other benefits?
Undertaking the ascension process has benefits for your soul group, monadic group, and humankind. As we progress, we positively affect the vibration and the progression of these groups, as well as our beautiful Mother Earth.

What is the process?
Metaphysical literature states that the ascension process is a multi-level seven-stage program covering self-improvement in all aspects of life. Each stage must be completed prior to completing the next. The more awareness you have of the levels, the tools available, their application, coupled with the motivation to succeed, the faster your progress.

Many of the levels can be worked on concurrently. Choosing to consciously make improvements in more than one stage at a time appears to speed the process. For instance, working on the first three stages together - physical, emotional and mental - greatly helps with clearing, balancing and expanding understanding.

Many people are already working through the ascension process without realising. By looking after their physical bodies, abstaining from detrimental practices, being considerate of others and being mindful of their thoughts and emotions, they are firmly on their personal path to ascension.

Click to view the program TIMETABLE for 2016 (.pdf)


The benefits of attending and actively participating in this workshop are:

  • Realising you are an integral part of the whole and are spiritually supported and never alone
  • Identifying your four-body system - you are not just a physical body!
  • Learning to energetically protect yourself
  • Recognising which level you are at currently on your spiritual path
  • Receiving a roadmap to navigate the seven levels of initiation

Module 1 - Physical Level
After attending and actively participating in this workshop you will have a basic working knowledge of the:

  • First Initiation of Spiritual Ascension - related to the physical body and its needs
  • Major components of the physical body and the function of cells, tissues, organs, glands
  • Effect of physical imperfections and ailments
  • Pain language of the body
  • Factors affecting incarnation and development of the foetus
  • Factors affecting the vibration of the physical body
  • Ways to raise and maintain a higher level of vibration
  • Major chakras and their effect on the physical body
  • Internal and external factors affecting your physical health and well-being
  • Ascension symptoms which may affect you physically
  • Seven Rays and how they may affect your life and spiritual development
  • Ray aspect influencing your physical body
  • Influence of your numerology

Module 2 - Emotional Level
After attending and actively participating in this workshop you will have a basic working knowledge of the:

  • Second Initiation of Spiritual Ascension - related to the emotions, feelings and desires
  • Importance of developing awareness of your reactions and responses
  • Emotional body, factors affecting your emotions and how emotions manifest
  • Effects of positive and negative emotions
  • Ways to control and alleviate negative emotions
  • Importance of preventing others from manipulating you, pushing your buttons and triggering frustration and anxiety
  • Major chakras and their effect on the emotions and the emotional body
  • Internal and external factors affecting your emotional health and well-being
  • Ascension symptoms which may affect you emotionally
  • Ray aspect influencing your emotional body

Module 3 - Mental Level
After attending and actively participating in this workshop you will have a basic working knowledge of the:

  • Third Initiation of Spiritual Ascension - related to the mind, thoughts and the mental body
  • Process of Soul Realisation - merging with the Higher Soul
  • Continued development of awareness and detachment through compassion, gratitude and forgiveness
  • Mental body and factors affecting your thinking and how thoughts manifest
  • Effects of positive and negative thoughts
  • Difference between the mind and the brain
  • Three levels of mind - conscious, subconscious and superconscious
  • Ego and how it works
  • Major chakras and their effect on the thoughts, thinking processes and the mental body
  • Internal and external factors affecting your psychological health and well-being
  • Ascension symptoms which may affect you psychologically
  • Ray aspect influencing your mental body and Higher Soul

Module 4 - Buddhic/Christic Level
After attending and actively participating in this workshop you will have a basic working knowledge of the:

  • Fourth Initiation of Spiritual Ascension - related to energetic merging with the Monad and the activation of the Buddhic/Christic body
  • Continued development of awareness and detachment through advanced meditations
  • Four higher spiritual bodies
  • Monad and what it means on our journey
  • Importance of ethical behaviour
  • Practise of Bhakti devotional yoga
  • Process to effectively connect to your Soul Star and Earth Star chakras
  • Two higher external spiritual chakras (above the Soul Star Chakra) and their effect on our spiritual development and connection to the Monad
  • Internal and external factors affecting your psychological health and well-being
  • Vital importance of consistent daily spiritual practices for your advancement
  • Ray aspect influencing your Monad

A message from Master Serapis Bey, the Master of Ascension:

“Ascension is opening your heart to the truth. It is a returning of the soul to All That Is, all that will be, and the Everything.

Ascension is a process. It is a timely process, for it does not occur instantaneously. It takes effort. It takes conscious awareness. But in saying that, the process does not need to be understood.

When one is opening one's heart to the truth, the process comes automatically. Awareness does not mean that we have to concentrate. Awareness in a way means openness, a willingness to learn, a happiness of heart, and when this flow is in place, ascension comes naturally.

Every soul has a right to ascend. No soul is dismissed or neglected from the process. Some may choose not to take on the path in a certain lifetime, but they are never denied the opportunity, and the assistance is provided when the decision is made to once again progress towards enlightenment.

It is a complex process, as it involves the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. However complexity does not entail difficulty. When a person decides consciously to transform themselves and move towards ascension, they will receive a great deal of support from the inner planes and from others already on their path, if they choose to accept it.

Ascension is oneness, but it starts with the individual. Everyone has a spiritual duty to be ready when the opportunity arises to say 'Yes' to taking on the ascension process. The need to progress will well up inside. A person will feel somewhat pressured to make cursory changes and to continue to improve, to grow, to expand, and once the process is commenced, it will take much more energy to put the process on hold than it will to flow with it.

Many people have started on their path, especially now as the energy of the earth has quickened. Many more souls are receiving the call or the urge to move forward and soon there will be a great number of souls striving for this goal.

It is important to remember that it starts with the individual and ends with All That Is, the Universe. So by following your path in whatever form it takes as you move towards ascension, you are remembering that you are the Universe.

So take up your sword today, for moving through the physical, emotional and mental barriers can sometimes seem like a battle. With your sword in hand, you can slice through the barriers and clear the path for rapid and easy progress. This is the perfect time for the support is close by; the energies are in unison and success is so close.

Isn't it worth giving it a try?


A few months ago I wrote down a goal which briefly says that I want to achieve the ability to live in the Present moment, to find peace and to learn about and work toward achieving Spiritual Ascension. In this process I also hope to be able to help as many others as possible in any way that I can.

The timing of receiving an email from a friend following up on my correct email address which also contained the details of the Introduction - Module 1 - of the Spiritual Ascension Program (which I attended last Sunday) was 'uncanny'. I know this was something that was meant to happen and am very thankful.

I believe that this is the right path for me at this time and I am looking forward to continuing with the training that you offer. I am also really pleased to have been led to you and love the way you run the courses, with love, commitment, conviction, sincerity and seemingly unending information and guidance which is freely shared.

I have written down the affirmations, am following the instructions and will download the meditation [Feeling the Five - Awareness to Senses Meditation] this evening and also put that into my daily routine. It is exciting to report that I think the affirmation is already working! I am in a new job and last week faced some challenges which seemed insurmountable. However the situation has changed and although the challenges are still there they are no longer daunting.

I am looking forward to continuing on this path of Spiritual Enlightenment with you as my Earthly Guides!

Ina, Caversham, Western Australia

"I am truly blessed to have two Ascended and loving souls to extend this gift today. I have been guided to them to learn about what I have been experiencing for the past 3 years but couldn't make sense of. Thank you so much."

"Lisa and Lindsey are very knowlegeable and caring and what they teach makes SO much sense!"

"I found the whole experience friendly and informative. I felt safe in the company of two wonderful teachers. I have praise for your sharing and would not have changed anything."

"If you are looking for clarity on who you are and where you are going as a soul on your journey, I highly recommend the loving space of knowledge that Lisa and Lindsey shared so wonderfully."

"It was wonderful. Thank you for sharing your information."

"11 Principles provided very powerful information to help me on my journey. I always learn exactly what I need to know when I come to see Lisa and Lindsey. Thank you."

"A very good coverage of the spiritual growth system."

"Excellent workshop Lisa and Lindsey. Very enjoyable. I felt relaxed and comfortable to ask questions and provide feedback."

"Absolutely amazing. It is so encouraging to know that I'm not completely crazy!"

"Illuminating and supportive in a safe and friendly environment."

"If you are looking for something, these ladies will assist you in the areas where you need assistance and/or guidance."

"I just loved how professional everything was. It is wonderful to get such good course notes that cover ALL the topics. Usually at other spiritual courses I have to frantically scribble things down and then I can't really listen and enjoy the teachings."

"Fantastic workshop. I look forward to completing the whole program. Thank you."

"I really appreciate the wonderful information collated and presented in the Physical Module. I look foward to the next module on emotions. Thank you for making all this ascension work make a lot of sense."

"Thank you Lisa and Lindsey. Easy to understand and full of positives. I now feel inspired to continue the course. I can is my new motto."

"An absolute delight to be here as 'Me'."

Click to view the program TIMETABLE for 2016 (.pdf)

Click here to request your free copy of the Seven Levels of Initiation Leading to Spiritual Ascension.



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