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Case Studies

Please Note: all names have been changed to protect clients' privacy.

Case Study 1 - Sandra, 48 years old

Sandra is in her late 40's and has suffered from fibromyalgia, fatigue, anxiety and low level moods for almost 5 years and was taking a number of medications for pain, high cholesterol, depression and allergies. Prior to then, she worked full time, was an ambitious high achiever who had a busy family life and was socially active. A typical Type A personality - an energetic perfectionist going a hundred miles an hour.

When we first saw Sandra she was experiencing constant fatigue, muscle aches and tenderness, brain fog, lack of motivation and insomnia. She had difficulty getting started in the mornings and was unable to survive her day without needing caffeine and sugar boosts.

The plan was to alleviate her problems by correcting the imbalances in her metabolism, not just providing a stop-gap remedy for the individual signs and symptoms, and to get off the medications that had a raft of side effects. Using 46 different chemical and clinical tests, we identified several metabolic imbalances including a Dysaerobic pattern - responsible for the joint/muscle pains and migraines - and a Parasympathetic pattern related to the nervous system which causes low energy, nervous tension and depression, poor circulation, arthritis, blood sugar problems, allergies and asthma.

After 4 months on the Nutrispec program (watching her diet, taking the supplements and exercising appropriately) she has seen good improvement in her sleeping, energy levels, digestive function and motivation. Under supervision from her doctor, she has also ceased taking all the medications; her cholesterol is the lowest it has been and she feels physically and mentally alert.

Case Study 2 - Carol, 58 years old

Carol is a child of the 70's, a free spirit who searched for spiritual knowledge on her life path and was not afraid to try anything and everything. Following a difficult childhood, she left home in her mid-teens feeling misunderstood and knowing that she just didn't fit in. She battled with depression, marijuana and drug addiction for much of her life and drifted from place to place and job to job.

We were invited to Carol's home to conduct an environmental energy assessment and space clearing after she found us on the internet. At that time she was experiencing unusual occurrences - hearing strange noises, noticing electrical disturbances, such as the TV turning on and off - and feeling unusual coldness in certain rooms. She was anxious and stressed all of the time and was having difficulty sleeping and concentrating.

Once her home was free of negative energies, Carol noticed a change in her mood and an immediate improvement in her energy levels and quality of sleep. She also decided to seek assistance to eliminate her drug addiction. After a couple of sessions combining Advanced Vibrational Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and vibrational remedies (Bach Flowers and Homeopathics) for support, she is no longer using marijuana to mask her previous emotional pain and is now making significant changes to her life, re-connecting burnt bridges.

Case Study 3 - David, 52 years old

David is in his early 50's and has suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) for many decades. His relationships with most of his family members was strained and he was totally controlled by his emotional state. This was further exacerbated after the removal of his gallbladder, which severely disrupted his digestive system to the point where he was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), often needing to urgently use his bowels six or seven times each day.

A typical day for David involved constant anxiety, repetitive behavioural patterns, fear of change and social isolation. He found it difficult to cope with any added work pressure and interaction with colleagues. A change in his work responsibilities prompted him to take up a friend's recommendation to come and see us.

Following an initial session of Advanced Vibrational Therapy (AVT), it was clear that his was a very complex situation involving childhood trauma, past life issues and negative learned behaviours, affecting him mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. After twelve months and six sessions of AVT, David is coping well, is no longer experiencing any digestive issues thanks to Nutrispec Immuno-synbiotic supplements, and is enjoying travelling widely.

Case Study 4 - Johnson Family - Mother and three children aged 2 to 7 years

Joanne contacted us after being referred by a kinesiologist specialising in children's developmental disorders in order to get a better picture of the complex underlying issues being experienced by her children.

The beauty of SkaSys Bio-energetic Assessment (SkaSys) is the ability to tap into the body's wisdom, allowing the identification of visible and hidden causes of a wide range of energetic and physical imbalances. A treatment protocol can then be established for each person based on their body's priorities. Both the five and seven year olds were able to cope with a half hour session of SkaSys, whereas it was more appropriate to use a surrogate for the two year old.

Types of treatment identified included:

  • specific dietary changes to alleviate allergies and digestive issues
  • adjustment to neurotransmitters (brain messenger chemicals) to help with mood, motivation and nerve/muscle function
  • boosting the constitution to improve immunity and general health
  • re-adjustment of imbalanced meridians
  • detoxification of parasites, fungi (Candida/Thrush) and bacteria
  • appropriate supplements - dosages, frequency and duration
  • vibrational Bach Flower and homeopathic remedies for emotional and spiritual support.

As the family lives outside of the Perth metropolitan area, Joanne decided that it would be much easier for her to use the surrogate option for all further assessments.

After six weeks' treatment, follow-up testing was conducted to monitor the children's progress and to identify any new issues. They all showed significant improvements in all areas. Joanne happily reported that all children were sleeping well, the two year old no longer had a continuously snotty nose and foul smelling bowel motions, the middle boy was more relaxed, happier and better behaved, and the seven year old was performing well at school and enjoying making friends.

Case Study 5 - Stan, 60 years old

Stan came to us after searching the web for some natural therapies to help him recover from a very severe bout of shingles. Shingles is related to the chicken pox virus and commonly occurs later in life (although some younger people have been known to suffer from it) and is the result of extreme stress which weakens the immune system. It can be extremely painful, itchy and debilitating as it attacks the length of the nerve. Common sites include the trigeminal nerve near the eye and the abdomen.

The first priority was to reduce the impact of the virus in his body, for which a vibrational homeopathic nosode was identified, and to support the improvement of his immune system. This was achieved by boosting his constitution (the body's natural healing ability), building vital reserves of vitamins, mineral and antioxidants, and supporting his emotional/spiritual aspects with vibrational Bach Flowers and homeopathic agents.

The second priority was to permanently reduce the stress in his life using a combination of therapies:

  • Advanced Vibrational Therapy (AVT) cleared away anxiety, negativity and energetic blockages.
  • Specialised energetic exercises were practised to maintain a barrier against other's negative emotions and thoughts, and to help him to remain calm during challenging times.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) was taught to provide a quick coping tool to use when under duress and to release unwanted patterns of behaviour.

After six months and five sessions, he is back at work, feeling positive, productive and more in control of his life.

Case Study 6 - Grief

As there are so many of our clients who have experienced the loss of a loved one or the loss of a significant relationship, we feel it is important to cover this emotional trauma in a generalised way.

Grieving is a normal part of life and every person handles it in their own way.

Grief becomes a problem when, after a reasonable period of time, a person is still not able to function on a day to day basis, maybe experiencing severe mood swings, depression, sleeplessness/insomnia and loss of motivation.

Grief is a powerful emotion that may overwhelm and infiltrate all aspects of a person's daily life, including their energy levels, productivity, decision-making, relationships, diet and lifestyle, etc. If left unresolved, the grief and its associated emotions generally increase in intensity until physical and psychological imbalances manifest.

Signs of unresolved grief include mental and physical fatigue, poor sleep, moodiness, and hyper-reactivity especially to triggers such as family social events, anniversaries and special holidays.

Some of our clients experienced regular difficulties, whilst others had been able to mask their emotions through the use of anti-depressants, alcohol or illicit drugs, only to have a crisis later in life (some after 30 years), often triggered by another traumatic experience. Sometimes the suffering is so great that most of our clients have been in a shattered state of being and have come to us as a last resort after trying counselling or other therapies with limited success.

Through the use of Advanced Vibrational Therapy, the pain and negative emotions associated with the original trauma(s) which are held within the cells of the body are energetically removed, freeing the person from the constant burden.

By practising a few simple daily energetic exercises, the person is able to control their emotions, respond rather than react to situations, have more clarity and inner peace.

With the addition of vibrational homeopathics/Bach Flower remedies, identified specifically for each client, the support to gently release deeper/underlying emotions continues between sessions.

Case Study 7 - Susan, 41 years old

Susan is an independent woman with a demanding job who has an active social life. She has been a client for over 4 years, after she sought assistance for physical pain which was limiting her ability to play top level sport.

SkaSys bio-energetic assessment was employed to identify the underlying stressors on the body related to neck and back pain and fatigue following games, associated with general muscle tiredness and poor recovery. Several issues were highlighted - a sensitivity to earth energies which created a general heaviness within her body and exacerbated blocked energy flows, a specific past life trauma involving an injury to her neck/base of skull, and an imbalance in vital reserves of several vitamins and minerals.

After one session to remove the past life cellular memory, rectify all imbalances, and advise on appropriate supplements identified through kinesiology, Susan didn't require our services for a further 2 years.

Even though life was generally going well, Susan knew she could do better and perform at a greater level. With this in mind, she decided that the Nutrispec program of metabolic testing and balancing through nutrition would give her the competitive edge she was looking for. And she was right. Within 3 months of starting her individualised program she had more energy, brain power, better recovery times following tough workouts and greater motivation. She said that she felt great and the supplements were helping her to keep up with her younger team members.

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