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"Whenever you observe an animal closely, you feel as if a human being sitting inside it were making fun of you."
Elias Canetti


Therapies for Animals

What is it?
We offer a range of therapies tailored to your companion or working animal’s needs, all of which are available distantly. These include the popular Reiki healing techinique, acupressure and massage, and the effective SkaSys bio-energetic assessment which can identify unusual and obscure causes of imbalance and illness.

Specialised vibrational homeopathic remedies, body chemicals (neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes) and Bach Flower Essences are identified to support a range of physical complaints such as eczema, allergies, lameness, fatigue, and weight loss as well as behavioural issues such as aggressiveness, timidity, obsessiveness and fears of known or unknown origins.

Vibrational remedies are prepared for your companion animal based on their specific needs not on an average dose or potency, and may assist to maintain general health, to regain vitality, recover from illness or injury where possible, or prepare for a peaceful passing.

How does it work?
Animals are very receptive and can take on the stresses of the family, suffering in silence or 'acting out', displaying inappropriate/unwanted behaviour to help relieve that stress.

Emotional issues or underlying psychological patterning can also greatly affect the performance and handling of racing and working animals. The use of natural remedies assists with the removal of negative patterns (eg fear of floating, car chasing, negative repetitive behaviours) and allows the animal to become vital, confident and happy.

For a SkaSys or MindLINK Bio-energy Assessment, a surrogate procedure is available which only requires a sample of your pet's hair, fur or feathers. Contact us for further details.

What are the benefits?
Most animals are very responsive to energy-based therapies and natural remedies which can be used to assist them through stressful times.

Animals are an important part of families and research has shown that they can be beneficial to everyone’s health and well-being. They help us mentally and emotionally through their companionship and when stroked, provide physical benefits including reduction in heart rate and lowered blood pressure.

It is therefore important that we take care of their emotional and psychological needs as well as their physical needs. An animal which feels happy, safe and secure is less likely to get sick and will bring you many years of devotion.


I was concerned for my much loved and ageing cat. She had been flat; lacking in energy and just not herself for quite some time. Lisa offered to send her some healing. The next morning I woke up to my cat tearing around inside and outside the house, stirring me up, wanting to play and just doing 'maddies'. I wondered if Lisa had sent the healing that night...several days later I found out the answer. Lisa had! The change in Lily was and still is remarkable. She was so much livelier with so much more energy and just happier and more content in herself. Awesome!!

Val Graham, Scarborough

Our cat Nuttley injured her right leg and was unable to weight bear… several visits to the vet and x-rays couldn’t find a cause.  SkaSys pinpointed a meridian out of balance in her chest and three days after giving her the homeopathic energy supplement the swelling had gone right down and she was walking almost normally.       

C. Carlton, Boulder Western Australia

The biggest thank you to Lisa and Lindsey from 11 Principles for all their efforts in helping Seth to become a normal family member. I picked Sethy (Kelpie/Black Lab/Greyhound) up from the RSPCA 3 ½ years ago. He had suffered what seemed to be obvious physical/mental abuse and was terrified of kids and dark skinned males with big sticks. I initially had trouble doing the most normal things with him like getting him inside someone’s front door and being able to stop him being afraid in most circumstances. Over the last year he has improved so much it is hard to describe in words. Everyone in the local community in Como could verify this as they have been able to get closer to him and become friends. Due to the two batches of natural remedies supplied after testing his bodily functions, he has turned corners I never thought possible until now. Now I question jumping my own fence as he is now his own dog and worlds better with his ‘issues’. Best thing is to know he will most definitely live a happier and healthier life.

Many Thanks

Mike Mella, Como Western Australia




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