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Treatment Room

What happens in a session?

Each session begins with a consultation to discuss your needs, to receive feedback regarding your progress and to identify any problems currently being experienced. This helps to decide the appropriate therapy, or combination of therapies, to be used. You are encouraged to ask any questions as they arise and give feedback when requested during the session.

Except for massage therapy, all sessions are conducted with you lying comfortably on a treatment bed, fully clothed. Minimal physical movement is required.

For SkaSys and MindLINK sessions, a form of kinesiology is used (called the arm length reflex test) which requires good mobility in the shoulders and arms. If you do experience any difficulty stretching your arms above your head, or have discomfort when lying on your back for an hour, then a surrogate test is recommended (click here for information on Distant Services).

At the end of the session, your practitioner will provide feedback, answer any questions you may have and recommend the activities required to continue your progress. This may include how and when to take your remedies and/or supplements, instruction and practice of the energetic exercises specific for your needs, and how to implement positive changes to your lifestyle, including alterations to your diet, managing negative thoughts and emotions and making better choices.


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