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Touch for Health

Pain Relief and Body Balancing

What is it?
Touch for Health is a simple and effective technique using muscle testing to assess the body’s energy flow and to reset it where required to bring the body into balance.  It is suitable for everyone, including children and those with disabilities.  Surrogate testing can also be arranged with balancing carried out on the client.

How does it work?
A series of gentle movements is performed to test the strength/identify the weakness in either 14 muscles (standard test) or 42 muscles (comprehensive test) in the body.  Any weaknesses are then corrected using specific acupressure holding points, or by meridian tracing, use of metaphors, or other methods.  By formulating a desired outcome for each session, TFH can be used to realign the body in relation to achievement of short or long term life goals.

What are the benefits?
Touch for Health increases vitality and physical energy levels, improves brain function and physical performance, aligns posture and reduces associated muscular pain.  It is also great for resetting the body’s time clock to prevent, or resolve, jet lag.  Because each muscle corresponds to a specific meridian and its associated organ(s), balancing the muscles also improves and stabilises the energy flow to those organs.

Our practitioners have been trained in the USA by Matthew Thie, the son of the founder of TFH, and are well-equipped to assess and treat many common problems, chronic conditions and complex disorders.




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