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"It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back."
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Soul Retrieval

When an incarnated soul is fragmented, or disconnected from the person, the mental, emotional and physical processes are negatively affected, creating instability, miscommunication, detachment from intuition and a sense of isolation.

What is it?
You are a soul/spirit having a physical life on the Earth in order to learn, grow and progress. The incarnated soul is that part of you that experiences the human existence and receives guidance from the higher soul/higher self. It is needed to transmit information including personality, karmic responsibilities, plans, agreements, contracts, associations, etc, that have been agreed upon prior to birth.

Becoming 'disconnected' may be a short-term coping mechanism, a way of dealing with grief, etc, and in most circumstances we automatically reconnect and 'get on with life'. Sometimes the reconnection does not take place and this is when problems start.

When an individual's incarnated soul becomes fragmented or disconnected from their consciousness/physical body, it can be very difficult for them to identify that this has occurred. This may happen when faced with a severe physical, emotional or mental trauma (incest, rape, violence) or when continually under the influence of illicit drugs and/or excessive alcohol.

In cases like this, the incarnated soul makes the decision to escape from the pain/ignorance/abuse because it cannot tolerate the situation any further. It tries to reduce the degree of pain by fragmenting and isolating the negative experiences in order to cope.

Often it is a person's family and friends who notice a change in their behaviour, which may be sudden and severe; eg mood swings, withdrawal or non-involvement in family life, verbal or physical abuse, self-harm and dependency on smoking, alcohol and illicit drugs.

What is the process?
Soul retrieval is a process used to reconnect and integrate the incarnated soul with the physical body. It is an energetic spiritual technique undertaken by our experienced practitioners who establish a rapport with the soul in order to reconnect, align and heal.

What are the benefits?
A reconnected and integrated incarnated soul is able to communicate and receive wisdom, guidance and help from its higher self. It allows a person to effectively function in the world, to make decisions for themselves and live their own life. After a session our clients feel relieved, balanced and supported and can see a more positive and meaningful future.



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