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“The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body.”
Harry J. Johnson
American Medical Doctor











What is it?
SkaSys is a testing system that uses modern quantum physics in conjunction with kinesiology (non-invasive muscle testing) to access information regarding the body's current state of stress or well-being.  SkaSys was designed by Dr Johann (Hans) Lechner, a German Dental Surgeon, as a method of identifying minute imbalances within the body often before there are any physical signs or symptoms. The system uses computer technology and a scalar energy field.  This system is gaining popularity in Europe and North America, however 11 Principles has the only two operating systems in Australasia.

How does it work?
A scalar energy field is created which broadcasts specific information from a comprehensive database. The body’s response to that information is measured by the practitioner, using the arm length reflex test (ART), a kinesiology technique developed by Clinical Kinesiologist A.G. Beardall. Every cell within our bodies knows its specific job, how it is supposed to work and what needs to be done to rectify any imbalance, all without our conscious input. SkaSys allows the invisible to become visible by tapping into this knowledge and innate wisdom of the body. It enables all body systems to be thoroughly checked in an ordered, logical manner to reveal causes of energetic and physical imbalances which can manifest as disorders and illnesses. 

What are the benefits?
Everyone can benefit from a SkaSys screening because it is the ideal way to find out what is happening in the body.  This highly specialized, non-invasive technique is perfect for the health-conscious to prevent chronic disorders and disease, and for those who already have health issues or problems, to find out what will support the body’s natural functions. By knowing what your body needs, you can make changes with confidence, gain more ownership of decisions regarding your health and take control of your life.

The use of a scalar field ensures that there is no interference from electro-magnetic stress caused by holding electrodes or wearing ‘feed-back’ bands. The SkaSys process also ensures that individual differences are always taken into consideration; eg a level of mercury that will cause stress in one person may not present any problem for someone else.
SkaSys can give insights into many conditions caused by:

  • Weakness in constitutional miasms – how to strengthen basic vitality and healing ability
  • Toxicities – identify stress resulting from heavy metals, pesticides, infections, parasites
  • Stress in structures of the body – cells, bones, muscles and organs
  • Imbalance in body chemistry – hormones, neurotransmitters, amino acids, enzymes
  • Deficiencies – vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Intolerances and allergies – identify specific food, plant, animal allergens, pollutants
  • Emotional, mental, and spiritual stress – establish underlying causes and effective therapies
  • Energy blocks in meridians – identify specific acupuncture points and appropriate treatment
  • External influences – sensitivity to natural and man-made energies eg geopathic stress, microwave, TV radiation

SkaSys is particularly useful in uncovering the complete picture of complex disorders including:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia
  • Food intolerances
  • Allergies and Hay fever
  • Weight problems
  • Sleep disorders
  • Migraines
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis and other auto-immune disorders
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • ADD, ADHD and Learning Difficulties

What happens in a normal session? What can I expect?
A brief history is taken at the beginning of each session to identify the client’s purpose for the SkaSys screening.  The session is then structured to follow the body’s priority stress pathway, to investigate a specific problem area; eg sleep disorder, painful knee, or a combination of both.

Sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed, lying comfortably on a therapy table.  The body’s response is measured by extending the arms gently back above the head.  For people with reduced mobility in the shoulders, those who cannot lie down, babies, children, pets and people unable to travel to the clinic, surrogate testing is available.

(Click here to view our Cutting Edge SkaSys Quantum Bio-energetics brochure - pdf document)


I just want to take this opportunity to thank Lisa for the fantastic work she has done on my 81 year old mum. She arrived from New Caledonia feeling exhausted, stressed, paranoid, in a defensive mode and suffering with short term memory and speech issues.

It's now been 13 days since Lisa worked on her [using a combination of Skasys bio-energy assessment and Advanced Vibrational Therapy] and the results are fantastic; she is sleeping well and the pressure she felt is totally gone.

She can now speak normally and her memory is improving. Overall she has recovered very quickly for her age and she has a big smile on her face. So a big thank you to Lisa, you are the BEST.

Claudine Denis Thirard, Western Australia - Business Owner of Ovenu Rivervale

I came across SkaSys about 18 months ago. Living 450km from Perth I elected to do the surrogate system done by mailing a blood sample....the reports sent back to me were excellent, explaining the areas of stress and priority areas to be addressed. I have prostate cancer and have chosen to take the complementary approach - treating the whole body and not just the symptoms. I have found 11 Principles to be highly professional and to go out of their way to help. This includes returning my calls and answering all my questions. I have attended the clinic in Perth three times and found the service better than any I’ve come across and would highly recommend them.

Barry Stewart, Drummond Cove Western Australia

Lisa and SkaSys have been an invaluable experience in my son’s life. He has autism and was very aggressive and aloof. He has not spoken in 8 years and has been very anxious all of the time. After it was recognised that meridians were out of balance and he started on the homeopathic energy remedies, we have noticed unfathomable improvement. My son is now comfortable in his own skin, he is accepting noises and people and situations that would have normally sent him into an aggressive emotional and physical frenzy. He laughs and is happy, willing to be included into our family and our community.

The physical improvements are also unbelievable. After having four front teeth pulled out at age 3 none grew back until we started the energy supplements (identified by SkaSys) and within a couple of weeks we had four beautiful new adult teeth at age 9!  Definitely a life-changing experience! Thanks to Lisa and SkaSys - I would never have believed there was a chance for my son to again become part of this world. Now I believe.

Jenny Kastner, Boulder Western Australia

As a chronic fatigue sufferer I can’t speak highly enough of the SkaSys. It found all sorts of underlying problems that were causing stresses on my body and I am now well on the way to recovery. As I live in England, the surrogate option (see remote services) is a great way to receive this excellent treatment. A sample of blood is all that is required and the results and treatment are sent post haste.

Stephanie Hunt, Liverpool UK

Our cat, Nuttley, injured her right leg and was unable to weight bear… several visits to the vet and x-rays couldn’t find a cause.  SkaSys pinpointed a meridian out of balance in her chest and three days after giving her the homeopathic energy supplement the swelling had gone right down and she was walking almost normally.   

C. Carlton, Boulder Western Australia

Prior to experiencing both SkaSys and vibrational healing sessions at 11 Principles, I had been feeling run down, was suffering from frequent minor infections and was emotionally drained.  After just a few sessions, I was amazed to feel so wonderful, more energetic and more at peace within myself.

EG, Scarborough Western Australia




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