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Sasha Cohen

Nutri-spec Metabolic Testing & Balancing

What is it?
Nutri-spec offers an analytical system of clinical nutrition based upon the concept of biological individuality. It involves a comprehensive set of 46 different chemical and clinical tests to determine how the body's metabolism is out of balance. These include simple, pain-free urine and saliva tests, as well as vital signs such as pulse rates, blood pressure, etc.

There are five fundamental metabolic control systems which must function properly in order to keep the body strong and healthy, the mind alert and the emotions controlled. These systems control:

  • energy production
  • the function of the heart and circulation
  • the function of the brain and nervous system
  • the chemical balance in the blood and in the cells

and they

  • determine the efficiency of digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  • help regulate hormone balance
  • help to efficiently eliminate the toxic waste products of metabolism
  • minimise the degenerative changes associated with the aging process.

When one or more of these control systems loses efficiency, the body and mind simply cannot perform at their best. If the metabolic imbalance is severe enough, or exists for a prolonged time, pathological changes occur and symptoms of disease result.

How does it work?
The individualised test results determine the foods and supplements required to bring about nutritional balance, as well as those foods and supplements which tend to cause harm.

By taking the specified Nutri-spec supplements, following the fundamental diet and the recommendations for each imbalance, the body’s ability to perform the following essential functions is assured:

  • maintaining glycaemic control – balancing blood sugar levels
  • maintaining normal oxidative metabolism – free radicals and anti-oxidant function
  • maintaining ideal pH – correct acid and alkaline balance
  • maintaining ideal concentrations of electrolytes and biologically active water

Optimising these four essential functions makes the difference between living stronger-longer and being sicker-quicker.

What are the benefits? 
We have always offered individualised care, and this testing system continues our commitment as it is patient-specific rather than disease-specific. What this means is that treatment will not be based purely on the symptoms or conditions the person may be suffering.

A balanced metabolic system results in:

  • better resistance to disease
  • renewed strength, so functional and pathological symptoms can be overcome faster
  • more complete tissue repair and regeneration
  • more effective handling of stress
  • a high level of vitality
  • a slowing of the aging process.

Conditions which can be improved or alleviated completely by balancing the metabolism include:

  • cardiovascular disease and cholesterol problems
  • high or low blood pressure
  • hypoglycaemia, diabetes or dysinsulinism (metabolic syndrome)
  • chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • oedema
  • osteo-arthritis and osteoporosis
  • rheumatoid arthritis and auto-immune disorders
  • hormonal imbalances
  • emotional issues including anxiety and depression
  • obesity


I was on many medications from doctors for many years after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis as a child. Twelve years ago, I needed to have both hips and a shoulder replaced. My life was controlled by pain killers, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories and high doses of antibiotics. These put my body out of balance and I was very unhealthy and very unhappy.

Lisa has taught me about nutrition and which foods I must avoid because my body reacts to them. In-depth testing identified what MY body does and doesn't like. Previously I didn't know what triggered my condition as this information was not provided by doctors. Sticking to the Nutrispec recommendations has really improved my life and I am forever grateful!

I participated in a ladies triathlon in 2012. I have a joy for life, because my body is now pain free and I have energy and strength to make the most of my life and enjoy it to the full.

After being on the [Nutrispec] program with support and encouragement from Lisa at 11 Principles, my body is the strongest it has ever been. 

R Wholey, Kalgoorlie Western Australia

I have felt particularly unwell every day for as long as I can remember. Since taking Nutri-spec over the last two months, I have gone through a major emotional rebalancing and I am starting to slowly feel better.  This means that my energy levels have improved, and I’m sleeping and digesting better. These are very big ‘little’ steps! 

Salima, Hamilton Hill Western Australia



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