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Negative Energy & Entity Clearing

Do you know why you have been drawn to this page? Many people who need this type of service feel a sense of disconnection, foreboding, unexplained terror and a sort of emptiness but cannot put their finger on any cause. If this sounds like you, we urge you to read on for help is at hand.

What is it?
To understand what entity clearing is all about, we first need to know what an entity is. The dictionary defines an entity as "something that has a real existence". In metaphysical terms, an entity is a real thing, but usually an invisible thing, felt or seen by those who are intuitive or sensitive to energies and understood by those who are capable of working in many different realms of existence.

It is very important to stress that even where an entity has a gentle nature and their intention is not to cause harm, for example, the grandmother who stays after death to look after her cat, they ALL cause damage to the physical host. If you suspect you have a spirit presence in your home and it does not appear to be connected to a member of your family, please see Space Clearing & Environmental Cleansing listed under the Therapies heading on this website for further information.

There are many different types of entities ranging from the benevolent to the pure evil. Some of the common ones are listed below:

  • Lost Souls

    Sometimes referred to as spirits or discarnate entities, lost souls are a fairly common occurrence. When a person dies and they are unable or unwilling to pass over correctly, their soul becomes trapped on the Earth. In our experience, they still maintain their personality, their desires and behaviours, and can show their previous physical appearance, most often what they looked like at their time of death.

    Even though they no longer have a physical body, they are still energetic in nature and require energy to continue to exist. This energy has to come from a host, which can be in the form of a person or an animal. Lost souls generally choose their host. We have found that they attach themselves to people who remind them of a family member, who have the type of personality they wish to vicariously live through, those that provide the resonant level of vibration, or someone who will look after them, especially in the case of lost soul children.

    Some of the lost souls we have helped to liberate from the earth plane include:

    • a young man who didn't realise he'd been killed in a car crash
    • a little boy who was looking for his grandmother
    • those who've died in hospital and attached themselves to the caring nurses
    • suicides who were sending out a cry for help who did not intend to kill themselves at the time
    • victims of murder who stayed to exact revenge
    • deceased relatives needing forgiveness before being able to pass over
    • religious persons who were terrifed to go into the Light because they feared God's retribution.

  • Non-Human Attachments

    Any entity that doesn't have a soul; ie has not been human, falls into this category. These may include ancient earth-related creatures such as gargoyles, snake or dragon-like energies as well as red-eyed devils that look like werewolves and alien beings. These attachments can be very nasty and cause a lot of distress to the host. Some signs we have noted in people with attachments of this type include:

    • extreme changes in behaviour
    • depression, moodiness and withdrawal
    • sudden or unexplained physical illnesses including pain in a certain spot
    • hearing voices most often mean, violent or threatening in nature
    • risk taking, carelessness of one's safety, self-harm
    • increase in addictions to alcohol and drugs
    • violence towards others

What is the process?
Our experienced practitioners use a wide range of specialised spiritual and energetic techniques to identify energy imbalances and any attachments or entities present, both visible and hidden. Your soul is then energetically protected before proceeding with any work. Once the entity is removed including all of their hooks, connnections, and implants, your entire energy systems are cleared and re-balanced, all tears, voids, leaks and holes are repaired and your body and energy fields are revitalised to leave you feeling relaxed, energised and in control.

We ensure every client is taught simple protective exercises to prevent further weakness and susceptibility to the attraction of negative energies.

What are the benefits?
Cleansing the body of stagnant energy and any attachments puts you back in control of your life, thereby increasing your ability to act more positively and think more clearly.

Other benefits include increased physical and mental vitality, reduced anxiety and mood swings, a decrease in, or elimination of, physical ailments such as aches and pains which leads to more peace and harmony in your life. Often there will be an immediate improvement in behaviour, however, if negative patterns have been learned and repeated over a long period of time, some behavioural re-training may be necessary.




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