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Nancy Long

Distant Services

For the majority of my clients, having a face-to-face session is a preference. However, on occasion getting to the clinic is just not possible - following a car accident or other emergency, when on their sick-bed, or when travelling interstate or overseas.

I offer a range of therapies using this method of delivery. These include any of the vibrational therapies such as Advanced Vibrational Therapy, Reiki, SkaSys Bio-energetic assessment, MindLINK, Entity removal, as well as Space Clearing and Environmental Cleansing for homes, businesses and workplaces.

I have clients living in New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America, as well as throughout Australia, who take advantage of this service.

Distant services are recommended for:

  • the elderly and incapacitated
  • children and babies
  • mentally and physically disabled
  • acutely and chronically ill
  • pets and working animals

What is the process?
Generally for distant services, or distance healing as it is sometimes called, a surrogate of some form is required. Surrogate is the common term for a proxy or stand-in which is used to connect to the person requiring the treatment. A surrogate may be a photograph, a plan of a property, or a simple biological sample which the practitioner uses to create the link to the person or place.

Except for SkaSys and MindLINK bio-energy assessment therapies, which require a sample of blood or hair/fur/feathers, I have the capacity to energetically link with anyone, anywhere, anytime just by using their name and address or date of birth.

Following your enquiry, I will send you our Client Information Record (Click here to view and print our Client Information Record - pdf document) to complete and return via email prior to arranging your session time. The detailed information you supply is important to not only let me know your main concerns and what you would like to improve, but also to allow me to conduct the most thorough assessment and treatment possible.

As soon your completed form is received, you will be contacted to organise a suitable time to conduct the therapy session. A pre-determined time is necessary for both Advanced Vibrational Therapy and Reiki to ensure you, or the client, are resting or sleeping.


"During my distant vibrational therapy session, I had a strong physical reaction to your work ... energy started to flow into my feet ... and I was very conscious of files of things that didn't feel good for me surfacing in my head and moving away (perhaps deleting) ... I likened it to a computer being cleaned out."

Jefferson M Victoria

I was concerned for my much loved and ageing cat. She had been flat; lacking in energy and just not herself for quite some time. Lisa offered to send her some healing. The next morning I woke up to my cat tearing around inside and outside the house, stirring me up, wanting to play and just doing 'maddies'. I wondered if Lisa had sent the healing that night...several days later I found out the answer. Lisa had! The change in Lily was and still is remarkable. She was so much livelier with so much more energy and just happier and more content in herself. Awesome!!

Val Graham, Scarborough

As a chronic fatigue sufferer I can't speak highly enough of the SkaSys. It found all sorts of underlying problems that were causing stresses on my body and I am now well on the way to recovery. As I live in England, the surrogate option is a great way to receive this excellent treatment. A sample of blood is all that is required and the results and treatment are sent post haste.

Stephanie Hunt, Liverpool United Kingdom



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