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Freedom from childhood negativity

"I can now choose how I live my life"


Removal of negative patterning and behaviours

"From despair to hope!"


Clears blockages to re-energise your life

"I now have the healthy life I deserve"

Re-establish authentic self and wholeness

"I have found my confidence and self-worth"


"A life free from the masks and false beliefs we take on as a child just to fit in, to be loved and accepted, means we become free to just be our-self"
Lisa Nicole Throssell


Block Removal Therapy

What is it?
Block Removal Therapy has evolved from a shamanic practice called Give Back, Take Back. A type of vibrational or energy therapy it works in a gentler less traumatic and 'physical' way than the traditional masculine Shamanic approach.

You play an integral role in the creative visualisation process which takes place to give back all the aspects, the bits and pieces that don't fit or suit you on a holistic level. These aspects have been unintentonally or unconsciously given to you by, or taken on from, your parents.

The process is all about taking back what is righfully yours including your sacred heart, self-love and self-esteem, vitality, creativity, natural healing ability and intuitiveness, and many other aspects. And giving back the 'stuff' to its rightful owners - your mum and dad.

You may have an idea of what you have been holding onto, feeling burdened by, fearful of or those aspects which are draining your energy, or you may not.

Block Removal Therapy is not about blame or guilt or revenge. It focusses on responsibility, truth, authenticity and regaining control of your life, which means being capable and energised enough to properly love and look after yourself and not taking on other's emotions, feeling and energies.

What is the process?
Once an appointment is established, you will be emailed a Client Information Record to complete and bring with you to your first session. This gives you the opportunity to think about and identify your needs, to remember problems and illnesses from the past, and to look at any areas of your life you would like to improve.

The therapy room is very private and provides a safe and nurturing environment allowing you to feel completely comfortable at all times; free to talk and ask questions.

Following an introductory discussion, you get to lie down fully clothed for the remainder of the session. You are encouraged to close your eyes and to fully relax as you follow the easy instructions, inclusing imagining and visualising, consciously allowing the exchange of energies whilst the practitioner assists with the flow and release of energectic aspects.

My clients tell me they feel very different afterwards, like they don't quite know themselves. And that is true. Most of us have given away so much of our true self and taken on so many other false aspects that who we really are is no longer recognisable. It sometimes takes a few days of integrating the 'new you' to remember how brilliant and amazing you really are.

Relevant and simple energetic exercises may also be taught to assist you to maintain the benefits from the therapy and to continue your progress.

What are the benefits?
This therapy is proving to be a profound, life-changing experience for many people. Those who are facing crippling, chronic disease where regular treatment is failing because the body and mind does not have the energy to heal benefit greatly as do those who carry the burdens of a difficult childhood causing current issues whether it be feelings of abandonment, poor self-esteem and lack of confidence or anxiety and depression.



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