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For information on SkaSys in English - you need to translate the official SkaSys page. Google 'SkaSys' - locate SkaSys/Startseite then click on 'Translate this page'. Confirm Lisa Throssell is an officially recognised International SkaSys Therapist by going to this address:


Website for Nutri-spec Metabolic Testing and Balancing through Nutrition.

Website providing a brief outline of pranic healing from the modern day founder, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Website providing detailed information on the revolutionary work of internationally renowned Japanese scientist Professor Emoto on the effects of negative thoughts and emotions on the cellular structures of the physical body.

Specialised website explaining the meanings of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese method of divination, imbalances of which are often identified in a SkaSys session.  Commentary and translation by Wilhelm, 1950. 

Website for the Touch for Health governing body. Form of kinesiology developed by John Thie Doctor of Chiropractic.  

Website providing easy to understand information on the earth's energetic grid lines.

Website providing interesting and detailed information on negative entities.

Australian website on astrology for enhancing personal and spiritual growth.  Check out the moon musings section for interesting updates regarding energetic changes related to new moons, full moons, equinoxes and solstices. 

Home page of Reiki Australia covering the form of energetic healing developed by Master Mikao Usui.

Information on the benefits of the practice of creative visualisation.

Website for the Olivia Newton-John Wellness Centre at the Austin Hospital, Victoria, outlining the complementary therapies used.

Website page on the complementary therapies used at the Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Centre in New York.

Health benefits regarding the regular practice of meditation. 

Provides interesting information regarding soul loss and retrieval. 

Website with inspiring and uplifting information.

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