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"You'll be on your way up! You'll be seeing great sights! You'll join the high flyers who soar to high heights."
Dr Seuss

Emotional Problems

When we are in charge of our emotions, feeling stable and self-empowered, we are no longer the victim at the mercy of others.

Are you experiencing overwhelming emotions which are stopping you from finding peace, joy and fulfillment in your life? If so, you may be suffering from -

  • emotional distress
  • grief and sadness
  • heartache
  • issues as a result of childhood abuse
  • guilt, shame or regret
  • abandonment
  • rejection
  • anger and rage
  • frustration and impatience
  • resentment
  • moodiness and tearfulness
  • self-destructive patterns
  • addictions - alcohol, smoking, drugs, work, etc
  • eating disorders - anorexia, bulimia, over-eating, etc

When you suffer from overwhelming emotions, either short-term or long-term, they are often accompanied by significant disturbances to your physical body. Symptoms may include headaches, tight neck and shoulders, digestive imbalances, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), reflux and stomach ulcers, as well as unexplained pain. Constant emotional stress also increases your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

Left untreated, destructive emotions have a tendency to eat into every part of your life; damaging relationships with family members, decreasing productivity at work and jeopardising your chances of happiness and success in life.

We recommend a range of therapies to suit your specific needs. These may include a combination of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Advanced Vibrational Therapy or MindLINK and vibrational Bach Flower remedies.

When you are able to release old emotional patterns and repetitive behaviours, you can embrace the potential within you, and become the catalyst for brilliant changes in your life. At the end of the first session, our clients often tell us that a huge weight has been lifted from them, that they feel a great sense of relief and an overall calmness.

Severe emotional trauma and/or the long-term build-up of negative emotions often takes more than one session to eliminate, as we are careful to peel back the layers gently to prevent further trauma. When clients commit to taking part in their treatment and show responsibility for their progress, they generally find direction, motivation and a renewed zest for life.

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