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11 Principles Pty Ltd is a holistic health practice established in 2005 by Lisa Throssell and business partner Lindsey Murphy. Lindsey retired in early 2017 and I have continued to provide the personalised and dedicated care for which we became well known and trusted.

Over more than thirty years, through training, professional development and observation, I have recognised that a holistic approach is much more successful in achieving better health and optimal well-being.

By being able to offer a combination of therapies I can provide a flexible, integrated approach to improving and/or maintaining your overall wellness. And because human beings are individual and complex, often a multi-focussed approach is better able to bring about comprehensive and sustainable positive change.

Through years of research and personal experience I have come to the understanding, belief perhaps, that we all need to address our emotional, mental and spiritual states of being in order to create and maintain a healthy, functioning physical body.

Many of the therapies in which I am trained, and others which have evolved over the years, work on a deep metaphysical level and embrace the meridian systems, cellular memories, ancestral patterns and epigenetics.

Mental and emotional stressors and trauma, particularly from childhood, are of particular importance as continual exposure to their negative vibration leads to anxiety, fear, depression and a range of illnesses.

I see my role as an intuitive facilitator compassionately assisting with the release of the multitude of blockages related to the past and the present and helping to attain harmonious balance.

So if you are looking for a unique health solution for yourself or a family member wanting to jump off the merry-go-round of ill health, unhappiness and unfulfilled lives, then give me a call on 0439 939 508.

I have faith in my ability as an energetic catalyst and am passionately committed to working in partnership to assist you to transform your life. I enjoy interacting with a wide and interesting range of clients from babies and children to the elderly and the dying. I embrace the importance of treating every body as unique, taking into account cultural backgrounds, family patterns, personal belief systems, past life issues and present life experiences.

Having had an innate love of animals, great and small, from a young age and a deep respect for, and connection with, the land and the spaces in which we live, I regularly donate time to the energetic healing of our planet and all her inhabitants.

For optimal health, vitality and longevity, it is important to identify and address the issues impacting our lives. These include assessing and making changes where needed to:

  • Lifestyle - rest, activity and stress levels
  • Diet - nutrition and fluid intake
  • Sleep - amount and patterns
  • Exercise - type and frequency
  • Mental health - social engagement, support
  • Emotional stability - anxiety, mood
  • Spirituality - disconnection, awareness
  • Environment - safety, exposure to toxicity

Modern life can throw up many challenges and create stressful situations. When those challenges get too much to handle or the stress is ongoing, our ability to cope may be diminished. It is when the minor issues get ignored and imbalance and disharmony continues to build in intensity that physical signs and symptoms appear. When this happens, many people resort to a band-aid approach such as taking pain-killers or attempt to mask the pain or emotional discomfort with alcohol or drugs, instead of addressing the body's "cry for help". If you can't work out what your body is trying to tell you, that is the perfect time when assistance from a compassionate and knowledgeable therapist can be of enormous benefit.

An holistic approach may be more effective in achieving optimal well-being because:

  • every person is unique
  • every imbalance manifests differently
  • we all deal with stress in diverse ways
  • illness is complex and rarely originates from just one cause.

By working with the whole person, emotions, psychological health, physical well-being and spirituality, each session is tailored to address the priorities whilst taking into account your needs.

For those living outside of the Perth metropolitan area, a proven distant healing service is available, with satisfied clients nationally and internationally.


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