11 Principles


Principles of Practice

My Commitment to You

I genuinely wish to help you to achieve optimal health and well-being. This means I care about you, I listen, I openly discuss options and aspire to help you set and reach realistic goals with confidence. We originally named our business to encompass the eleven principles we wanted to embrace:

  1. Offering a range of holistic and complementary therapies
  2. Delivering a comprehensive, professional service
  3. Providing knowledgeable, skilled and committed practitioners
  4. Acknowledging that every body possesses its own innate wisdom
  5. Informing, educating and mentoring
  6. Encouraging personal responsibility
  7. Supporting self-empowerment and decision-making
  8. Identifying beneficial lifestyle changes
  9. Reviewing currency of therapeutic practices
  10. Providing a nurturing environment
  11. Maintaining high ethical standards

Your Commitment to Yourself

You have the innate capacity to make amazing positive changes to your life. No-one else can make these changes for you. However, there are periods in everyone's life when the timing seems off, the challenges seem insurmountable and the motivation too weak to contemplate, let alone believe, that change is a possibility. When your self-empowerment evades you and you are unable to trust in yourself, I believe in you! I hope you are readyand willing to make a commitment to explore ways to reach your health and well-being goals by:

  1. Making the best possible effort to follow advice and instructions given to you by your practitioner
  2. Being patient with the planned course of therapy as your body needs time to make the necessary changes
  3. Taking responsibility for listening to your body's needs
  4. Asking questions about anything you do not understand
  5. Providing feedback on your progress
  6. Letting me know if there is anything more I can do for you
  7. Advising me if an appointment needs to be rescheduled

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