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Lisa Throssell

Lisa Throssell

Director/Holistic Practitioner

Lisa is a registered nurse who originally trained in the hospital-based system gaining experience at Royal Perth, Bunbury and Derby Regional Hospitals in Western Australia. More recently she gained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing with Distinction from Curtin University.

Her area of interest is the impact our natural and man-made environments and lifestyle choices have on our health and well-being including the detrimental effects of heavy metals and pollutants, biological toxicity, poor nutrition and stress upon our embattled immune systems. She is especially focussed on the importance of maintaining a strong constitution and the use of natural therapies to support the body's own defences to repair damage and to maintain optimal health.

In the late 1990's in the USA, Lisa was introduced to the amazing SkaSys bio-energy system, which uses quantum physics and scalar wave technology in conjunction with kinesiology, and immediately knew she had found the perfect tool to assist and balance the whole person; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. She attended SkaSys advanced training in Chicago delivered by the developer, Dr Johann Lechner, and gained practical experience at the Clymer Healing Research Clinic in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, which specialises in fibromylagia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and other chronic health conditions, including Lyme Disease, which often do not respond well to Western medicine.

For over 30 years, Lisa has also fine-tuned her understanding of the spiritual and energetic connections of the land and the sacred energies associated with the Earth and all living things, and utilises her intuitive skills to identify and rectify a multitude of energetic imbalances. She works with Shamanic energies, directions, elements and crystals to effectively clear blockages related to illness of the spirit (disconnection from our Divine).

My Statement of Purpose

I am here to assist with the transformation of darkness in all its forms - sickness, sorrow, pain, fear, entities and the like. I am a catalyst for change. I care about our Earth and all her inhabitants. My role is to make a difference. I am here to serve and protect. I am not afraid to tread where others fear to go, for that is my mandate and I intend to finish what I have started with strength, resolve, love and compassion.


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